Bennie de Wet
Bennie de Wet
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Bennie de Wet leads Sierra Monitor Corporation’s product and technology development activities as Chief Technology Officer and is the Managing Director for Sierra Monitor South Africa. He has been instrumental in developing Sierra Monitor’s Sentry IT and FieldServer product lines over the last 15 years. Bennie has worked for over 25 years across all areas of industrial control, encompassing all aspects of the stack from embedded development of protocol drivers to design of controller logic to web services and cloud connectivity. Bennie started his career at Kentron and De Beers. Bennie holds a Bachelor's degree in Electronics Engineering with Honors from the University of Pretoria.

The most important consideration when choosing a cloud gateway

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The next frontier for device and BMS data

The commercial and industrial equipment market has seen massive innovation in just the past few decades – becoming smarter, more connected and more easily managed over time. But the biggest evolution and advancement may be on the horizon thanks in…


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