Ryan Schradin
Ryan Schradin
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Ryan Schradin is a communications expert and journalist with more than a decade of experience. Ryan has edited and contributed to multiple popular online trade publications focused on the digital design, security, satellite, unified communications and network infrastructure industries. He serves as the executive editor for the Modern Equipment Manufacturer (MEM). In addition to his work with the MEM, he serves as the Executive Editor of the Government Satellite Report and the "GovHub" family of online publications. In his spare time, he enjoys hiking across the great state of Virginia with his wife, Sarah, and their rescue pup, Brooklyn the Adventure Dog, who is 13lbs of pure furry fury.

Three essential benefits an OEM gets from the cloud

Building owners and facility managers have found significant benefits from cloud-enabling their Building Management Solutions (BMS). By connecting the BMS solutions for their equipment to the cloud, they can effectively be aggregated into a single control and management plane, making…

For facilities managers, hindsight is 20/20 and OEMs with foresight are invaluable

I recently saw a Reddit thread where the question, “What would you do if you could go back in time 5 minutes?” was posed to the community. There were a number of silly and creative answers, but it was clear…

Welcome to Modern Equipment Manufacturer

Every decade or so, there’s a disruptive technology that changes everything. It impacts how we live and fundamentally changes the way we work. The cloud is one of those disruptive technologies – and its impact is being felt across every…


The Modern Equipment Manufacturer is your resource for learning about the exciting news, trends and advancements being made in the manufacturing and cloud-enabling of equipment. We’ll be looking at case studies and use cases that detail the benefits that cloud-enabled equipment can deliver, and we’ll be speaking directly to industry leaders and technology companies that are driving this industrial revolution forward.


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